In case you haven’t noticed, over here at Hotel Whisperer we enjoy the finer things in life.  We enjoy riding in Benzes to the next luxurious destination and while it might seem a little snobby to some….we don’t even care.  There’s no shame in loving luxe and there’s no shame in being a lil bougie either.  So if you’ve embraced your love of all things luxe 100% then Tees in the Trap has the perfect tee for you.

Seriously, I LOVE this tee!  It speaks to my hood bougie soul and I’m all the way here for it.  Tees in the Trap defines being a lil bougie as:

Bougie is anything that is perceived as “uppity” from a blue-collar point of view. ‘Bougie’ (pronounced boo’-she) is derived from the word Bourgeoisie, which refers to the middle-class in Europe. It’s used as an adjective to describe people who are acting “high and mighty” or better than someone else. Who…

I can totally envision myself rolling up to the St. Regis or Four Seasons wearing this tee, carrying my Tumi and totally feeling myself.  The A Lil Bougie tee starts at $30 and comes in black, grey and white.  I’m secretly hoping they come out with a red version of the tee because as a bougie person, the basic colors just won’t do.

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