With over 75 countries under my belt it’s very rare that I find a double bucket list love when it comes to hotels.  Yet somehow, one day the travel gods shined a light on the most glorious resort in a country I haven’t checked off the map yet.  Where is this heavenly place you ask?  Luxe lovers, let me introduce you to Mukul Resort in Guacalito de la Isla, Nicaragua.

Located on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, Mukul Resort is nothing short of a dream.  It offers breathtaking views of the Pacific, world class surfing, snorkeling, fishing, daily yoga and a David McLay Kidd golf course.  And to think, that’s just what’s available outside of the resort!

Inside, each of the 37 guest accommodations offers space and privacy in a style that fully embodies and compliments the natural surroundings, reminding you more of luxury adult treehouses than the standard hotel room. Spectacular views, plunge pools, complimentary rum, and the mini ice machine to chill it, are just a few of the treats that await you in your room.

If you get hungry from doing all that nothing in your room, you can try one of Mukul’s four restaurants that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning appetite.

However, my favorite place on the resort, the place keeping my wanderlust alive, has got to be Spa Mukul.  Six private pavilions, an aqua circuit, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, Thai massages, Turkish/Moroccan-style hammams and a “secret garden” for their signature Watsu treatment.  Mukul recommends you try the treatments in all six pavilions.  They don’t have to tell me twice!

With all Mukul Resort has to offer I couldn’t image why you would ever want to leave, but if you want to actually see Nicaragua, Mukul’s location provides easy access for day trips to the charming colonial city of Granada.  Or, you can come to Mukul after exploring Managua via the new Costa Esmeralda Airport.

Let’s hope the travel gods shine their light on my budget so I can indulge in all Nicaragua and Mukul Resort have to offer!

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