The life of a writer is not one that you take on for the glitz and the glamour.  Even getting to travel and have ultra luxurious experiences all over the world isn’t as glitzy as it seems.  So, it always surprises and humbles me when people reach out to recognize me for my work.  It’s even more amazing when those people are your awesomesauce friends.  My fellow creatives (and #marriagegoals couple.  Seriously, they are so cute!) Chad and Davita McKelvey, along with their kick ass team; Brian, Rodney and Alexandra, are the masterminds behind the revolutionary Griots Republic.  Griots Republic is a brand for urban travelers and adventurers offering a digital monthly magazine, retail outlet (launching October 2016), and a non­profit (opening in 2017). The digital magazine, which is the face of the brand, offers both original and curated content about travel and active lifestyles.

For their February issue Griots Republic decided to profile the cool kids aka Evita Robinson (Nomadness Travel Tribe), Cherae Robinson (Tastemakers Africa), Damon Lawrence (Homage Hotel Group) and yours truly, the Hotel Whisperer!  It was definitely an honor to be recognized among my peers who are changing the face of travel and hospitality.  To share my story and my brand with all of you is an opportunity I don’t take lightly, and I hope in watching you not only learn a little bit more about me and my taste for all things Butler & Bentley, but feel inspired to go out and create the life of your dreams.  Nothing is impossible!


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