4 Ways to Use Periscope on Your Travels

Unless you’ve been under a rock lately, you’re one of the many people currently addicted to the new social media craze Periscope.  If you have actually been under a rock, Periscope is a “live video streaming platform,” which means you can transmit a live recording of yourself to your Periscope and Twitter followers. It’s like a group video chat where you can have an interactive connection with viewers.

Users have found a myriad of ways to use Periscope.  From JetBlue’s (@JetBlue) behind the scenes footage of T5 to brand marketing lessons from personal branding strategist Maya Elious (@MayaElious), there are tons of ways to use the platform.  But how can the jetsetters of the world effectively use Periscope?

Here are a few ways Periscope can help you take your viewers on a trip around the world.

Show the Prep Life

The questions I get from friends and family are often things like how I find travel deals and what am I going to do when I get to my destination.  You can use Periscope to show viewers your travel prep.  From how to find deals and plan your itinerary, to must have travel essentials and ninja packing your carry on, you can take your viewers along for the pre-trip ride.

Be Their Guide

One thing people always want to know is what is there to do in xyz place.  Well….show them!  Take them along as you explore temples in Thailand, experience Carnival in Brazil, take a chocolate making class in Belgium or lounge on the beaches of Zanzibar.  Seeing the sights live and through your unique eyes will be better than any book they could buy from a store.

Talk To Locals

People often wonder what local life is like in their dream destinations.  Are people friendly?  What’s the culture like?  Where do they go for fun?  You can use Periscope to answer these questions for them by talking to locals you encounter on your journey.  Tell the story of your destination through the words of people who know it best.  It will add a great twist to your travel tales.

Give Them Something

Everyone loves souvenirs, so chances are your Periscope friends will too!  As you’re shopping in the local markets, pick something unique to give away to your followers.  Have them guess the answer to a destination specific question or quiz them on something from an earlier scope.  Whatever you do, just make sure it’s fun and engaging!

Here are a couple of my Periscope videos that I purposed for Youtube.  Thank heavens I can shoot my luxe adventures landscape now!

How do you use Periscope on your travels?

Follow me as I explore the world one luxury hotel at a time on Persicope at @HotelWhisperer!  

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