Ahhh the jetset life. It looks glamorous  at your destination, but the dark side is the dreaded packing that has to occur for you to actually get there.  The luggage and accessories you use for your vacations make all the difference, and can turn a stressful situation into a breeze.  Anyone that knows me knows that my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE bag to travel with is the O.G. by Lo & Sons.

This bag is everything! Not only is it stylish and available in a variety of colors, but its functionality is hard to beat.  The O.G. is made of lightweight water-resistant nylon, perfect for trudging through rain, sleet, snow and the occasional wine spill in the airport lounge.  Even better, there’s a padded laptop compartment (fits up to 13″ laptops), a pocket for tablet or work documents, front pockets for easy-to-access essentials, a side pocket for carrying an extra pair of shoes, and even a long leash for extra convenient access to your keys.  For an added bonus, the O.G. also features an adjustable back panel sleeve that can be used as an additional pocket, or fit securely over the luggage handle of your suitcase.

My Lo & Sons O.G. has been with me to more countries than most people.  I’ve had it for five years or so, and it is still ticking.  I love challenging myself to easily fit some of my favorite travel goodies inside, and just when I think I’ve reached my limit, the O.G. proves I can fit just a little more.  It makes being #teamcarryon a snap and of course keeps my look flawless as I walk into my favorite luxury hotels.


Don’t believe you can fit the most into your Lo & Sons? Check out this cute video showing you how L&S lives the O.G. life.

If you don’t have a Lo & Sons O.G. bag as part of your travel arsenal, you’re losing.  The O.G. starts at $295, but keep your eye on the site because they always have sales on the bag and its younger sister The O.M.G., which starts at $275.

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