Getting the opportunity to see the world is such an amazing blessing. The sights, sounds, growth and experiences are often something we wish we could hold on to for a lifetime. The closest we’ve got to capturing our global adventures right now are pictures and video. Fortunately for me, I have some of the dopest photographers in the game at my disposal like Omar McKenzie of Omega Imagery Photography and Robert McSherry of RPM Photography.  However, because they’re often off on their own journeys, I’ve had to come up with an equally dope alternative. Enter Flytographer.

If you haven’t heard of Flytographer by now, then you are seriously slipping on your luxe travel game.  Flytographer is a global network of great photographers, based in over 160 cities, across six continents, who will follow you around on your vacation and capture all of those priceless moments you never want to forget.  Getting engaged?  Honeymoon?  Family weekend?  Girls’ getaway?  Or maybe you’re a solo traveler in need of photos that don’t involve selfie sticks and handing your pricey DSLR over to strangers.  Whatever your situation, Flytographer has got you covered!

Romantic Couples Shoot in Dubai Desert | Dubai Vacation Photographer
Photo Credit: Flytographer
family on the beach in maui hawaii
Photo Credit: Flytographer
fashion shoot in colourful Dallas, Texas
Photo Credit: Flytographer

Having your own personal photographer is an invaluable luxury and can totally enhance any trip. Even my good friend Claire over at Up in the Air Life got in on the Flytographer action recently during her group trip to Paris, and the results were incredible.

As if the concept behind Flytographer wasn’t great enough, they’ve partnered with a few of my favorite luxury hotel brands like Fairmont and Four Seasons, to offer packages and perks to customers. Talk about winning!

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your next vacation, trust me, look no further than Flytographer. As a matter of fact, let me look into booking my own photographer because they are definitely #WhispererApproved!

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