One of the words that always comes to mind when I think of luxury is convenience. The ability to save me time, money, headaches, make my life easier and keep me happy is a top priority on my luxury list.  When I travel I love eating local deliciousness until my heart’s content, but with work, I can’t pick up and buy a flight every time I get a craving for Green Tea Kit Kat or miss those spicy sriracha chips I had in Thailand.

Enter Cool Young History International Snack Boxes.

The brainchild of one of my favorite nomad couples, Amirah and Jarrell, this snack box is the answer to all your snack dreams.  Every month as Amirah and Jarrell explore a different country, they will collect a variety of local goodies that range in flavor from sweet, salty and savory, to chewy, gummy and crunchy.  Then, for $28 for individual size boxes or $48 for a big box (plus shipping + handling), they will ship these slices of global heaven directly to your door! The best part is there is no subscription required, so you can purchase boxes from their current location, or join in their adventures and sign up to receive a new box every month.  The choice is yours!

a taste a travel international snack box

What I personally love is that these snack boxes allow you to experience different cultures without spending tons of money (or using PTO days!) and make great gifts for friends and family, young children, and even fellow travelers.  With a few clicks on the computer you can literally give someone the world, and satisfy a few cravings in the process.  Talk about a convenient luxury!

Amirah and Jarrell are headed to Korea next, so sign up here for your snack box before they’re all gone…I know I am!  Hmmm, I wonder if I can get Korean BBQ in my box? #dontjudgeme

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