When most people dream of Australia they think of kangaroos, diving, the Sydney Opera House and creepy bugs that seem to be drawn to the Outback. However, for hotel lovers like me, Australia is home to something far more spectacular.

Ladies and gents let me introduce you to paradise, Australian style, at the One&Only Hayman Island.

This awe inspiring, exclusive sanctuary in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef is simply everything a luxe lover could dream of, and one of the top properties on my personal hotel bucket list.  From the moment you arrive to the private island via seaplane, helicopter or yacht, the inviting arms of the One&Only Hayman Island open up to embrace you.  Celestial blue sea surrounds you as far as the eye can see, even from the comfort of your room, which combines comfort with a stylish elegance designed to awaken your senses through the beauty of nature.

Lounge in front glittering sea views at Aquazure, dine on exquisite local cuisine at Pacific or escape to Italy and Asia with meals at the decadent Amici and Bamboo restaurants, before heading to On the Rocks for after dinner cocktails by the pool.

As a self-proclaimed spa junkie, my favorite feature at One&Only Hayman Island has to be the One&Only Spa.  If you’re looking for your body to be restored and your soul soothed, this looks like the place to be.  With 13 treatment suites, as well as relaxation lounges, sauna and steam rooms and Vichy showers, therapies range from traditional to contemporary, are customized for each guest and are centered around three essential elements: “Rest” (designed for relaxation), “Rebalance” (for restoration and balance) and “Renew” (to uplift or revive).  They even offer unique experiences like  The “Ocean Dreaming” massage  where you unwind with a full-body massage while surrounded by gentle tides. The “Rainforest Massage” has you completely immersed in nature, surrounded by tropical gardens in the spa cabana beneath the rainforest, and the “Romance Retreat” features a double room, where couples can unwind together with a body polish, healing clay mineral wrap and a hot stone massage.

Now if relaxing in the lap of oceanic luxury is not your thing, there are also a ton of activities for you to indulge in while on the resort.  You can play golf, tennis or squash, take a helicopter tour or go on a fishing adventure, water ski or explore the pristine Blue Pearl Bay beach.  But of course one of the perks of being a guest at the One&Only Hayman Island, is that the resort is the gateway to the over 3,000 kilometers long Great Barrier Reef.  Head out on a snorkeling or diving adventure and explore magnificent reefs and small islands while surrounded by migrating whales, sea turtles, rare sea horses and more.

A stay at this resort would be a dream come true for me and I can’t wait to cross it off my list one day, and take you all along for the ride!  Until then, I’ll be whisperer dreaming about this unique experience that is the One&Only Hayman Island, definitely #whispererapproved.

One&Only Hayman Island
Great Barrier Reef
Tel: +61 2 9308 0500
Email: reservations@oneandonlyhaymanisland.com


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