Going on safari in Africa to see the ‘Big 5′ is something that tops most travelers’ bucket list, which is why back in my young(er) and financially challenged days myself and a few girlfriends pooled our barely there coins together and booked  stay at Lion Sands Private Game Reserve at Kruger National Park.  And it was worth every  PB&J sandwich we had to eat to get there.  We stayed in the gorgeous Tinga Lodge and indulged in as much as we could, amazed that we were blessed enough to stay in such a place and sure we never would again.



How foolish was I to think that would be my last opportunity?!  Fast forward to today and I’m ready to take the plunge once again, but this time I’m dreaming bigger.  I want to return to Lion Sands and live out my big kid fantasies in one of their divine luxury treehouses.  Built around ancient trees, with fabulous views over the plains, these unique treehouses are what your inner child dreams of.  Total privacy, surrounded by the sky during the day and stars by night, comforted by modern amenities and wrapped in heavenly luxe.  Each of the three treehouses provides a distinctive feel and an unforgettable experience.  It’s hard to choose which one is my favorite (I’m leaning towards Kingston), maybe I need to stay in all three!

Kingston Treehouse






Chalkley Treehouse





Tinyeleti Treehouse




Which treehouse is your favorite?


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