During my travels I do a lot of walking, so I’m always on the hunt for fashionable, yet comfy shoes. Even in my regular life, I do a lot of running around NYC to meetings, dinners, and more. Every search I’ve done for comfy travel shoes has lead me to Tieks. One look at their website and I immediately fell in love with all the colors and patterns available, and even more importantly, the uber comfy looking sole!


So what’s so special about a pair of flats you ask?  The fact that they aren’t your ordinary pair of flats! Tieks are made of fine Italian leather, fold up in your purse or clutch for easy access when you need a break from your power heels, and are wearable all day.  Totally worth the starting price of $175.


Then there’s the colors. The Tieks line looks like a bag of Skittles in shoe form; bright, fun and sweet for your feet!  In short, they are exactly what Tieks calls them, “The Ballet Flat, Reinvented.”


As if these shoes weren’t fly enough, Tieks also makes a Vegan line of these popular flats, made from the finest European textiles, using natural, paraben-free dyes.  They come in five colors, Greystone, Silver Lake, Brentwood, Echo Park and Sunset Stripe. Chic, good for you and good for the environment.  Score!


Tieks definitely live up to the hype and are the perfect luxe shoe for everyday and getaways!

Have you tried Tieks? 



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