It’s the most wonderful time of the year…holiday time!  I came across some wonderful travel goodies this year that I’ve been dying to share with you.  Whether you’re looking for some travel inspiration, a new gadget or something to calm your sweet tooth on a long haul flight, have no fear because I’ve got you covered!

#BlackTravel: The Anthology – $69.95

If you have a budding jetsetter in your life or simply need some inspiration for your own adventures, you need this book. #BlackTravel: The Anthology is an inclusive collection of travel photos and information on the hottest Black Travel Groups and Bloggers in the travelsphere. The breadth of editorials and essays run the gamut from luxury travel to backpacking and are penned by writers from New York to Bangkok.  The photos are simply stunning and will inject you with a sense of wanderlust like never before.

Tumi Backpack – $345


Tumi leads the pack when it comes to luxury travel accessories. One of my favorite collections is the Voyageur, which comes full of stylish travel friendly bags like this Calais Backpack. It has a laptop pocket big enough to fit a 15″ Macbook, interior organizer pockets and it’s lightweight.

KIEHL’S SINCE 1851 Travel Essentials Collection – $13


Travel can be harsh on the skin and hair.  From long flights full of dry air and hair screaming for moisture after dips in the ocean, maintaining your pretty on the go is a must.  These travel essentials from KIEHL’S have been a lifesaver on more than one occasion.  The amazing amino acid shampoo and conditioner, and the facial cleanser, will make sure that you stay on point no matter where your travels take you.

Champagne Bears – Starting at $8.50

The one thing that must make it into my carry-on before each trip is some kind of snack.  This year life got so much better when I discovered Sugarfina and their champagne gummie bears, perfect for a champagne kind of girl.  Made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne, these sophisticated grown-up bears sparkle in flavors of classic Brut and fashionable Rose, and even come dusted in sweet and tart sugar crystals for a taste that really “pops.” You can even create your own bento box full of your favorites for a sweet holiday treat.

Karma by GoPro – $799

Taking regular video is so yesterday and heaven knows that taking selfies don’t always capture the magnificence of your current location. A luxury vacation deserves an upgraded video/photo experience, and that’s why the number one item on my jetset wish list is the newest member of the GoPro family, Karma. More than just a drone, Karma features a compact, lightweight design and captures amazingly smooth footage in the air, handheld or mounted to your favorite gear.

Away Carry-On – $225

During my travels I am team carry on, but just because I want to cram my life into an overhead bin, doesn’t mean I don’t want my luggage to be fresh, fly and most importantly, functional, so I’m always on the hunt for new pieces and that search has lead me to Away. It’s the perfect carry-on – unbreakable, thoughtfully designed, and guaranteed for life. Away’s carry-on is designed to fit most major airline carry-on requirements and since it’s stylish and functional, it also features a built-in battery that can charge any USB device so you’ll always be powered up.  As a bonus…Away is the brainchild of two amazing women – Jen Rubio and Steph Korey. Talk about Girl Power!

LUXE City Guides – Starting at $11.99

One aspect of luxury is convenience and what’s more convenient that having a guide to what’s hot and luxe at your favorite destinations, right at your finger tips? LUXE City Guides are stylish pocket travel guides and mobile apps packed with opinionated information for sophisticated travelers.  LUXE covers everything from hotels and restaurants to spas, bars, boutique and bespoke shopping. It’s the go-to guide for the best in luxury travel, if it’s not in here…it ain’t LUXE!


Bits & Baubles Jewelry Bag – $14


I am the queen of misplacing my rings and things, so when I discovered these cute drawstring travel bags from Kate Spade, I was in love!  Now when I travel I simply keep it by my bed so that when I take off my jewelry it goes right into the bag and I always know where everything is.

Louis Vuitton Miniture Perfume Set – $290

TSA is the bane of a luxe travel girl’s existence.  I mean how are you supposed to smell good on vacation if you can’t carry your favorite perfume with you?  Well thanks to Louis Vuitton you can!  Each scent is based off a different flower (Rose des Vents, Turbulences, Dans la Peau, Apogee, Contre Moi, Mature Noire, Mille Feux) and is the perfect TSA friendly size.  To top it off, the bottles are refillable so you never have to worry about being without.

This is Ground Mod Tablet 3 – $320

Hi my name is Danielle and when I travel I have a lot of gadgets and stuff.  Thankfully This is Ground has created a portfolio that keeps my stuff organized and in one place.  Each Mod is customizable and features 10 pockets for tablet, phone, cards and currency, 5 slots for cords, pens, pencils, notebook and in-ear headphones, and fits most tablets on the market.  As a bonus, every Mod includes an original Tile, a favorite from last year’s holiday wish list.

What’s on your travel wishlist?


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