When we think of travel, typically we envision a country filled with tons to do and see as the ultimate goal, with the hotel or resort simply being the fancy place we rest our heads.  However there lies a place on the Cambodian coast, just off the island of Sihanoukville, where the resort is the destination.  Luxe lovers, this heaven has a name. One that literally sings to you and draws you in.  Welcome to Song Saa.

Located 45 minutes from Sihanoukville by speedboat, and created with sustainability in mind, Song Saa reflects the beauty of the Cambodian coast and encourages guests to indulge in wellness.

The stunning property features everything you would need at your fingertips to create a stress free luxury getaway – a pristine private beach, 24 spacious luxury villas, heavenly spa sanctuaries, gourmet wining and dining, snorkeling and so much more.  In short, unless you want to – the resort does offer nature tours and cultural trips – there is no need for you to do anything else at Song Saa other than detach from the world and tune in to simple pleasures.

Each villa features a private pool, spectacular island and ocean views, an oversized sunken bathtub, high speed wi-fi and a dedicated Guest Experience Ambassador.

Dining at Song Saa is a treat to global cuisine with a local touch.  Vista Bar & Restaurant indulges all your senses with breezy views and a menu that combines expertly prepared local ingredients and Khmer flavours, alongside familiar Western dishes.  Nearby Driftwood Bar Driftwood Bar on the beach is the ideal spot for a refreshing glass of Brut, a chilled post-swim beer or one of our signature sundowner cocktails.

However, the best part of a stay at Song Saa is their spa and wellness programs.  This is no typical spa, it’s an “evolved spa concept that integrates the wellness journey with the natural environment of the Song Saa islands.” Instead of being boxed in like at other spas, Song Saa wants you one with nature, so instead has created a no walls spa style made up of small sanctuaries dotted across the island, where treatments take place nestled in nature.  In other words….heaven.


Song Saa is a resort that embodies and exceeds what whisperer dreams are made of.  It’s a destination within a destination and a must for any traveler looking to escape it all and reconnect with nature and self.

Song Saa Resort
Koh Rong Archipelago,

Tel: +855 92-609-488, +855 23-989-012
Email: reservations@songsaa.com

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